The Witch was the fourth playable character added to Dicey Dungeons, first appearing in v0.8. She plays rather differently to the other classes, as she lacks the traditional inventory, and instead relies on casting spells from a spellbook in order to perform actions.

Starting Spells & Stats[edit]

The Witch starts with ❤︎24health points plus 2 dice; and with access to the following spells:

She is also able to spend one dice in order to inflict 🗡️︎1 damage to the enemy.


When the Witch's limit gauge is full, she gains access to the Broomstick ability, which gives the player 3 extra dice when used.

List of Possible Spells[edit]

Spell Name Dice Requirements (if necessary) Spell Effect (where [D] is dice value)
Lockpick Split a dice in two
Magic Armor Odd Add 3 shield
Backfire Need 3 Lose 5 health
Magic Missile Even Do 5 damage
Duplicate Min 4 Duplicate a dice
Hall of Mirrors Need 6 Add 1 dice this fight
Magic Dagger Do 2 damage(Reuseable)
Rainbow Blast Do 3 damage
Bump Max 5 Dive value +1
Nudge Min 2 Dice value -1
Electric Shock Even Do [D] damage, +1 shock
Ember Odd Do [D] damage, Burn 1 dice
Ice Shard Min 4 Do [D] damage, Freeze 1 dice
Lightning Bolt Do [D] damage, +1 shock
Inferno Do [D] damage, Burn 1 dice
Blizzard Do [D] damage, Freeze 1 dice
Illuminate Get 2x[D]s next turn
Life Drain Max 2 Drain [D] health
Mystery Box Very mysterious
First Aid 16 Heal 8 health
Wooden Stake 40 Takes final 1 hp from vampires
Boomerang Do 2x[D],([D] total)(backfires for [D])
Antidote Need Doubles Cures [D](for both)
Doppeldice Max 3 Double dice value
Meteor 60 Do 20 damage, burn all dice
Fury Charm 12 Double next attack
Acid Arrow Even Add 2 poison
Cauldron Do 1 damage, get a new dice
Doppeldice Max 3 Double dice value
Healing Crystal Max 3 Recover [D] health
Hex Even: 1 weaken, Odd: 1 shock
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