The Warrior is an entry level character with well rounded stats, and was the first playable character added to Dicey Dungeons.


Starting Equipment & Stats[edit]

The Warrior starts with a Sword, 24 health points and 2 dice.


Each turn, the Warrior is able to manipulate the value of one die, by increasing or decreasing its face value by 1. This effect can be used to roll-over a die with a value of 1 to be a 6, or vice-versa. Further all currently unused dice may also be re-rolled once per turn. He also receives more items than other characters.


A shield bash build, sometimes called "Ye Olde Shielde Builde" because it's been dependable since the earliest version of the game, is one of the most dependable ways to win (on both normal and hard) as warrior. Take the spiked shield on your first level up and the shield grip on the second one. Upgrade the spiked shield so it takes less space and use it together with the wooden shield, or preferably the iron shield if you get it. Then every battle, focus on building up your shield number. As long as you can build your shield number more every round than you take damage, you will not take any damage and you'll slowly build up a really high shield rating That means you can do huge damage whenever you get doubles to use the shield bash. Upgrade shield grip to make it much easier to use and to be able to shield bash more often The shield grip build is strong because it allows you to both defend and do damage.

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