Status Effects


Status effects are effects that negatively affect the player or its opponent. There are currently nine status effects in the game, with five coming from elemental magic attacks. Effects can harm either the player or the CPU with the exception of blind, which currently has no effect on a CPU.

Status Effect Cause Effect
Burn Fire attacks Causes dice to catch fire, resulting in the player taking damage if used
Frozen Ice attacks Changes a dice value to 1
Shock Lightning attacks Locks up a piece of equipment (which can be released with a dice)
Weaken Earth attacks Downgrades a piece of equipment
Silence Special equipment Prevents the player from using your class skills and limit breaks, can be broken with two dice
Curse Special equipment Causes equipment to fail half of the time
Lock Special equipment Completely prevents a dice from being used
Blind Special equipment (on player only) Prevents player from seeing the value of a dice
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