Inventor With Background.png

The Inventor was the third character available in Dicey Dungeons, first made available in v0.6.

Starting Equipment & Stats[edit]

The Inventor starts with a Hammer, two pieces of Scrap Metal, a Jetpack gadget, 24 health points and 2 dice.


The Inventor has access to Gadgets. These have varying abilities, and can be used once per turn. At the end of each fight the current gadget is discarded, and one piece of standard equipment in the player's equipped inventory must be selected to be recycled into a new gadget.


After taking enough damage, the Focus move becomes available. This converts all unused dice into s. Once used, further damage must be taken before the move becomes available again.


Inventor has 50% chance of a guild on floor 3, and it has 66% chance to be the innovator guild, 33% to be power

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