Guilds are optional societies you can join which offer a tradeoff that can dramatically change your play style.

Guilds do not always appear in the dungeon, but if they do, they'll be on floor 2 for Warrior and Thief, and floor 3 for Inventor.

There are two guilds specific to the warrior, one specific to all other classes, and one generic guild.

Guild of Power[edit]

  • Open to classes: all
  • Pro: +1🎲
  • Con: +1 Stun each round

Guild of Sacrifice[edit]

  • Currently retired (v. 0.10)
  • Open to classes: Warrior
  • Pro: A new special ability Sacrifice, which causes 3 normal damage and rolls 1 new 🎲. This ability is reuseable.
  • Con: Lose the default special abilities of Warrior

Guild of Greed[edit]

  • Open to classes: Warrior
  • Pro: All equipment the player finds after joining the guild will be upgraded.
  • Con: Be inflicted with Curse 1 every turn.

Guild of Assassins[edit]

  • Open to classes: Thief
  • Pro: A new special ability Backstab, which can only be triggered with a and which causes 1 damage per piece of equipment used earlier this round.
  • Con: Lose the default special ability of Thief

Guild of Innovators[edit]

  • Open to classes: Inventor
  • Chance of occurring: Inventor has 50% chance of a guild on floor 3, and it has 66% chance to be the innovator guild, 33% to be power
  • Pro: Can make two gadgets after each fight instead of one
  • Con: You must destroy a second piece of equipment to make the second gadget

Sorceress Guild[edit]

  • Open to classes: Witch
  • Pro: Gain the use of a completely random spell each turn
  • Con: Sacrifice 1 spell slot to hold the random spell

Guild of Robot Power[edit]

  • Open to classes: Robot
  • Pro: Gain +2 CPU
  • Con: A random item is shocked every turn
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