Equipment are the main method of doing actions in battle. They are used by both the player and enemies. Some equipment may be upgraded. This will generally make them more powerful or easier to use. Upgraded equipment will have a + sign after its name.


To use a piece of equipment, simply drag a dice into its slot/s. Pieces of equipment may have specific requirements for the dice, like it being lower than 5, exactly 3, having to put two dice that add to 7, having to put an odd number, etc.

Once used, equipment will go away until the next turn, with the exception of reusable equipment, which can be reused infinitely many times in one turn, and once-per-battle equipment, which can be used only once per battle unless it's stolen or brought back with (insert that equipment that brings equipments back after you use them), in which case it'll be possible to use it once more only in that turn.

Equipment list[edit]

Attacking equipment[edit]

Offensive equipment is displayed in red:

Defensive equipment[edit]

Defensive equipment, used to reduce damage from most standard attacks is displayed in orange:

Stunning Equipment[edit]

Equipment which has the added benefit of inflicting a 🎇︎stun status, displayed in yellow:

Freezing equipment[edit]

Equipment which has the added benefit of inflicting a ❄️︎frost status on enemy dice, displayed in light blue:


Moves displayed in purple:

Scrap Equipment[edit]

Scrap equipment is displayed in grey:

Other equipment[edit]

Some other pieces of equipment are displayed in green: