The Bear is a playable character in Dicey Dungeons, first appearing in v0.9. Unlike other characters, the Bear cannot be chosen as a starting character, and is unlocked instead by using Bear Transform, a move that can be stolen from a bear with a Thief or from copying the equipment with an Inventor. Once used, the player remains as Bear for the remainder of the game.

Starting Equipment and Stats[edit]

While the Bear cannot actually be chosen in the select menu, it theoretically starts with ❤︎24 health points along with the equipment Maul.

Class Limitations[edit]

Unlike the regular classes, the Bear has a strict set of restrictions that do not apply to any other class. The Bear cannot edit its inventory, enter shops, find loot, or upgrade equipment (with the exception of the level 4 rewards), and will smash through any items it encounters. As a trade-off, the Bear has equipment extremely overpowered compared to the standard equipment of other classes.

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