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Weaken is a status effect that temporarily weakens random equipment. The value of Weaken indicates how much equipment will be weakened by the status effect. The effect completely wears off after the weakened user's turn ends.

The effect varies per equipment. Some pieces of equipment will do less damage, others will have effects or uses removed. Upgraded equipment is downgraded to weakened equipment directly.

Parallel Universe

In the Parallel Universe episodes, Weaken is changed to Weaken?. This effect does not affect the enemy's equipment. Instead, inflicting Weaken? will cause the enemy to take extra damage from each attack, equal to the amount of Weaken? inflicted. This means that an attack that would deal 6 damage would deal 7 if the enemy was Weaken?ed once.

This effect lasts until the end of the Weakened? user's turn, meaning that self-damage from unshocking Shocked? equipment will also deal more damage.

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