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Survive is a status effect which allows the next fatal blow to be survivable. This effect lasts between turns and ends when an otherwise fatal blow would be dealt.

While damage is reduced, the Limit Break is still charged equal to the amount of damage received.

The effect does not stack even with Fury. This means that if an enemy can do multiple fatal blows in one turn, it will only prevent the first blow.

Parallel Universe

In Parallel Universe episodes, Survive is changed to Survive? This effect is applied for three turns and prevents all fatal blows from all sources. The effect is reduced by 1 at the start of the fighter's turn.

However, once Survive? reaches 0, the fighter will immediately lose all of their health. This will kill most fighters.

If used on Drake while he has the Vampire? status effect, Survive? will only activate Vampire?'s effect of full revival. Also, Vampire? can't be removed while Survive? is active.

Survive? does not stack, so using Fury with equipment that gives Survive? will not allow survival for six turns. However, if you inflict Survive? on someone who already has the status effect, the counter will reset back to 3, making the inflicted character survive for longer.

Equipment that gives Survive

The gadget Still Standing also gives Survive to the user, but it also causes them to lose 6 health.

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