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Lantern, Illuminate

Lantern/Illuminate (also known as Stash internally) is a status which guarantees extra dice at the start of the affected user's next turn. The dice given aren't shown in the status, but can usually be identified based on the steps taken for Illuminate to occur.

The status goes by different names since the equipment Lantern calls its version Lantern, while equipment like Illuminate call the status Illuminate. The visible statuses do nothing and are only for display; the actual effect is handled internally by the “Stash” status.

Once the user's next turn starts, this status is removed and the extra dice are given after effects like Frozen and Burn have already affected the initial dice.


This effect is granted by a few pieces of equipment:

This status is also granted to the enemy if dice-rolling or dice-returning equipment like Bump, Midnight Charm, or Keyblade are reflected using the Parallel Universe status Curse? since the dice is given to the enemy instead of the initial user.

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