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Silence is a status effect which prevents character skills and Limit Breaks from being used by the player. This includes skills like Combat Roll, the stolen card for the Thief, the Inventor's gadgets, and the Witch's spellbook and Throw Dice ability.

This effect lasts until the end of the silenced user's turn or until two dice are placed on the character skill to break the silence. It does nothing to enemies.

Parallel Universe

In the Parallel Universe episodes, Silence is changed to Silence?. This status makes limit breaks less powerful.

Character Limit Break Effect Silenced? Limit Break Silenced? Effect
Warrior Fury/Fury? Repeat next action (but disable it next turn) Tantrum Do 4 fire damage
Thief Unlucky Roll Roll 4 ones Very Unlucky Roll Roll 2 ones
Robot Autoroll Jackpot guaranteed Lucky Shot Do 5 damage
Inventor Focus Set all dice to 6 Unfocused Set all dice to the same random value
Witch Crystal Ball Roll 3 extra dice Marble Roll 2 extra dice
Jester Snap! Matching cards can be used for free this turn Magic Trick Discard current hand
Bear Bear Smash Do 10 damage Bear Smash Do 10 damage

Equipment that inflicts Silence

This effect is only caused by three pieces of equipment in the base game:

Halloween Special


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