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Shock is a status effect which causes the fighter's equipment to be unusable until a dice is placed inside to remove the shock. The effect lasts for one turn, and each stack of Shock prevents 1 more piece of equipment from being used.

Shock is usually more potent on fighters that have less dice than equipment, since more would usually be needed to perform actions.

Parallel Universe

In the Parallel Universe episodes and in Jester: Reunion, Shocked is changed to Shocked?. This status acts similar to Shock in that it prevents a piece of equipment from being used, but this equipment can be unshocked by clicking a button instead. However, unshocking the equipment requires the user to lose 3 health (dealt as shock-type damage). The effect lasts for one turn.

It's possible to increase the health loss from Shock? by inflicting Weaken? in addition to Shock? Additionally, the enemy has been known to unshock equipment that would cause it to lose all of its health when both statuses are applied.

The damage done by unshocking Shocked? equipment pierces through Shields, even normal shields.

Equipment that inflicts Shock

These pieces of equipment inflict Shock:

These pieces of equipment have a chance to inflict Shock:

The gadgets Jackhammer and Zap will also inflict Shock. The gadget Stardust has a 1/7 chance to inflict Shock.

The Beatrice Bonus Round rule inflicts 6 Shock on the player at the start of their first turn.

Halloween Special


These extra pieces of Reunion equipment also have a chance to inflict Shock:

Additionally, this workout inflicts Shock:

The Sting status added in Reunion inflicts 1 Shock every time a piece of equipment is used, until the Sting status is fully removed.

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