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Reduce by

Reduce By is a status that reduces damage from all sources (except Poison) by its value. If the user has Reduce by 1, an attack from a Boop will do 1 damage instead of 2. If the user has Reduce by 2, the same Boop will do zero damage. This can also help reduce damage from extinguishing burning dice as well. The status wears off at the beginning of the fighter's next turn.

Parallel Universe

In Parallel Universe episodes, Reduce by is changed to Reduce by? This status effect instead blocks a number of negative status effects on the user equal to the amount of Reduce by? attained. This means that an attack that inflicts 4 Poison will inflict 2 Poison instead. The status lasts until the beginning of the fighter's next turn, or if it is removed via status effects being inflicted.

Status effects blocked by Reduce?

Unless specified, Reduce? will block both normal and Parallel Universe status effects from being added.

It can also block these statuses, although no equipment in the base game can actually add them:


This effect is granted by a few pieces of equipment:

It is also granted by the Protection and Pillow Fort gadgets. Power Up has a 1/5 chance of granting 2 Reduce.

Protection is also a Jackpot skill during the Robot's 5th and 6th episodes.

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