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Re-Equip is a status effect in Dicey Dungeons that allows the next piece of equipment to be used again. It's reduced by 1 per each equipment reused, and it fully wears off at the end of the user's next turn.

This equipment reusage is consumed by reusable equipment like Dagger and character skills like Combat Roll, so it's important to pay attention when you have this status active.

The status can be used to re-use equipment like Crystal Sword or Flamethrower which are both only available once per battle.

Parallel Universe

In Parallel Universe episodes, Re-Equip is changed to Re-Equip? When a piece of equipment is used, the dice placed in it is kept. This does not apply to dice placed within spellbooks.

If a Burned? dice is used on the equipment, the dice returned will not be burned.

If the dice is placed in a Countdown equipment, the first dice placed in the countdown is kept. If the equipment requires multiple dice, all dice used are kept.

Similarly, this effect is reduced by 1 per each dice kept, and it fully wears off at the end of the user's next turn.


This effect is only caused by a few pieces of equipment:

It is also granted by the Efficiency gadget and the Hook Limit Break.

Pirate Hook and Pirate Hook? do allow for reuse of equipment and dice respectively, but only on specific dice values.

The Pirate bonus round rule grants both player and enemy the Re-Equip status on the first turn of each battle.


It is also granted by the Optimise Limit Break.

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