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Poison is a status effect which causes the affected fighter to lose health equal to the number of counts of poison inflicted at the start of each turn. Poison can do lethal damage in this game. The effect reduces by 1 after health is lost, but can be further cured by Healing Crystal+, Antidote, and the gadget Emetic.

This effect is usually more powerful since no enemies have equipment that reduces poison. However, there are a lot of enemies, like Wolf Puppy, Slime, Dryad, Drain Monster, Haunted Jar, and Dire Wolf that only take half damage (rounded up) from poison.

If the Haunted Jar Bonus Round rule is active, poison will no longer reduce itself each turn.

Parallel Universe

A piece of equipment inflicted with 2 Poison?

In the Parallel Universe episodes, Poison is changed to Poison?. This status acts similar to Shock in that it prevents a piece of equipment from being used, but this equipment adds a countdown equal to the counts of poison added. If this countdown isn't fully removed, the fighter will take damage equal to the value of the remaining countdown once the turn ends. Poison? reduces by 1 at the end of the poison?ed user's turn.

Equipment cannot be both Poison?ed and Shock?ed. Poison? takes priority even if all equipment is shocked.

If the Poisoned? fighter has no equipment, Poison? will deal no damage.

Equipment that inflicts Poison

These pieces of equipment inflict Poison:

These pieces of equipment have a chance to inflict Poison:

The gadget Poison Arrow inflicts 2 Poison on the enemy. Also, the gadget Stardust has a 1/7 chance to inflict 1 Poison.

The Slime Bonus Round rule inflicts 2 Poison on the player at the beginning of the fight.


The Reunion adds more equipment that can inflict Poison:

These extra pieces of Reunion equipment also have a chance to inflict Poison:

Additionally, this workout inflicts Poison:

The Toxic status inflicts 1 Poison per count of Toxic for each piece of equipment used while afflicted.

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