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Mana is a status which grants new powers to specific equipment. The effect wears off at the end of battle, and certain pieces of equipment read the Mana value for added effects while others consume it.

Equipment that grants Mana

Equipment Condition Mana Given
Daffodil Start of turn 1
Flower Pot On 4 (even if upgraded) 1
Gladioli On 2 or less (4 or less if upgraded) 2
Honeysuckle Max 3 equipment 1
Snapdragon On 6 (even if upgraded, 3 if weakened) 2


Equipment Condition Mana Given
Jasra's Pendant Countdown 7 2 + 2 at start of each turn
Mana Charge Max 4 (Any dice if upgraded, Max 2 if weakened) Equal to dice
Skipping Rope+ Odd 1

Equipment that uses Mana, but doesn't consume it

Equipment Normal Effect Added Effect Mana Needed
Cold Snap Do 5 damage Inflict freeze 2
Moon Beam Do 5 damage (7 if upgraded) Double damage 7
Moonlight Spear Do 10 damage Double damage 8 (6 if upgraded)
Northern Lights Get 2x[] next turn (4x[] if upgraded) 3x[] next turn (6x[] if upgraded) 5
Stew Pot Do 1 damage, reroll dice Dice returned is 5 or 6 6 (4 if upgraded, 8 if weakened)
Winds of Winter No effect Do 1 damage for each mana you have Any
Winter Solstice Do [] + [] damage Triple damage 12

Equipment that uses Mana and consumes it

Equipment Normal effect Added effect Mana cost
Blue Ocean Do [] damage Heal 3 2
Enchanted Shield Add [] shield Add another [] shield 2
Fruit Bowl Do 1 damage, reroll dice Return two dice instead 1
Magic Thistle Gain 1 thorns Gain another 1 thorns 1
Magnifying Glass Double dice value Triple dice value instead 1
Summer Solstice Do [] + [] damage Triple damage 4
Sun Beam Do 5 damage Double damage 2
Sunburn Do [] fire damage Burn a dice 1


Equipment Normal effect Added effect Mana cost
Chilli Pepper Inflict 1 Burn Do 8 fire damage 2
Enchanted Bump Dice value +1 (Double if upgraded) Re-use this card 1
Frozen Yoghurt Do 5 ice damage, inflict 1 freeze Draw a card 2
Ragnarock Return a six Do 25 fire damage 9
Rapid Fire Draw a card Next equipment has +1 use this turn 2 (1 if upgraded)
Slime Cannon Inflict 2 Poison Re-use this card 2 (1 if upgraded)
Shield Wall Add 3 Shield Re-use this card 1
Zlonk+ Do 3 damage Return a six 1

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