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Jinx is a status effect that keeps track of attacks and other actions that will happen in the future. Each counter starts at value specific to the equipment that inflicted it, and reduces by 1 at the start of the jinxed fighter's turn. Once it reaches zero, the effect described in the status will happen to the jinxed fighter.

The equipment Hijinx will reduce jinx countdowns on both fighters by 1 (or 2 if upgraded), and the equipment Lojinx will do 2 damage to the enemy (3 if upgraded, 1 if weakened) per jinx on both fighters.

Equipment that inflicts Jinx

These pieces of equipment inflict Jinxes ([] indicates a dice value inserted into the equipment that inflicted the jinx):

Equipment Name Target Countdown Value Effect on Target
Arf Arf Arf Self 1 Gain Fury
Broken Mirror Self 1 Gain +1 dice, curse yourself
Concentration Self [] Heal 2x[] health
Mercy Enemy 6 (5 if upgraded, 7 if weakened) Take 20 fire damage
Slapsies Enemy [] Take 3x[] damage (4x[] if upgraded, [] if weakened)
Telephone Enemy 2 Take [] damage
Uncle Enemy 6 (5 if upgraded, 7 if weakened) Take 20 ice damage
Upkeep Self 1 Gain Shield equal to the shield you had when you used Upkeep
Reunion Equipment
Steinway Axe Enemy 1, 2, 3, and 4 (1 and 2 if weakened) Take [] damage

Additionally, in the endgame, some of the Wheel of Fortune's effects also use Jinxes.

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