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Fury is a status effect which repeats the next equipment used. If the equipment requires dice, the same dice is repeated inside the equipment. The status effect lasts until another piece of equipment is used. Certain equipment can also maintain the Fury status effect.

If you have two counts of Fury, you can use most pieces of equipment three times.

Parallel Universe

In the Parallel Universe episodes, Fury is changed to Fury?. This status also repeats the effect of the next equipment, but then disables it for the next turn, similar to Burn?

Unlike Burn?, Fury? will still allow reuseable equipment to be used on the turn it's activated.

If either Fury is applied to multiple pieces of equipment at a time, Fury will affect the leftmost piece of equipment first.

Equipment that Fury won't repeat

Equipment that repeats, but maintains Fury

These pieces of equipment get repeated, but allow Fury to keep going.

Reunion DLC

Equipment that Fury will only repeat once

Some pieces of equipment will only repeat themselves once, even with two or more counts of Fury.

Prior to version 2.1, Ruff Ruff Ruff and Yip Yip Yip only repeated once as well.

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