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Dice Trigger

Dice Trigger is a status effect that allows the user to roll additional dice if the enemy's initial roll contains one of the dice rolled.

For example, if you have the status Dice Trigger 2, and your opponent rolls a 2, 5, 2, 6, and 2, you will get 3 more dice at the start of your next turn since your opponent rolled three 2s.

Although you can use Dice Trigger 3 and 4 to get more dice if the enemy rolls 3s and 4s, you can't stack multiple counts of Dice Trigger with the same number: if the enemy rolls 3 and you've used Disco Ball+ on 3 twice, you only get one extra dice.

Dice Trigger only activates with dice rolled at the start of the turn: using Freeze to set a dice to 1 won't trigger Dice Trigger 1.

The extra dice is only available for the user's next turn, and is removed once that turn ends.

Parallel Universe

In Parallel Universe episodes, Dice Trigger is changed to Dice Trigger? This effect is very similar, but the dice returned by Dice Trigger? will have the same value as the dice the enemy rolled.


This effect is only caused by two pieces of equipment:

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