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Confuse is a status effect which hides the names, descriptions, and colors of equipment and shuffles the locations of the user's equipment. It does not hide the values of countdowns, the size of equipment, or the dice requirements of items.

If playing as the sixth character, the next cards in the deck will still be visible, but the card names will be hidden once they are in play.

The effects are usually mitigated by coming equipped to a fight with pieces of equipment that all have different dice requirements or sizes so each piece of equipment is recognizable.

Enemies can be confused as well, although it isn't particularly useful to do so.

Parallel Universe

In the Parallel Universe episodes, Confuse is changed to Confuse?. Confuse? makes it impossible to see the dice values, similar to the normal Blind status effect applied to all the dice.

Equipment that inflicts Confuse

There is only one piece of equipment that inflicts Confuse.

However, the official Halloween Special adds these two pieces of equipment that inflict Confuse as well:

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