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Burn is a status which sets the next dice on fire. Touching a burning dice puts out the fire, but the user will take 2 damage when putting the dice out. Enemies that are strong against fire will only take 1 damage from using burned dice.

When an enemy's dice is burned, they will use the burned dice unless doing so would cause them to lose all their health.

Burning dice will deal 2 hp rather than 1 hp to an enemy when thrown.

Parallel Universe

In the Parallel Universe episodes, Burn is changed to Burn?. Burn?ed dice can be used without taking damage, but the equipment it is used on is unusable during the for the rest of the user's turn as well as their next turn. Countdown equipment is still chargeable on the turn a burn?ed dice is used, but it will be unusable on the next turn, even if the countdown hasn't reached 0 yet.

Placing a burn?ed dice on a spellbook spell will make that specific spell unavailable for that turn and the next turn. Pressing Cancel will put out the dice, but it will not make the spell in the spellbook available.

Burn?ed dice do not deal extra damage when thrown.

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