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Blind is a status which prevents the user from seeing the dice values. The effect wears off after one turn. If N dice are blinded, the user cannot see the next N dice.

The value of the blinded dice can sometimes be deduced from trying to place dice into equipment and finding out that the dice doesn't meet the requirements of the equipment.

Blinded dice can be frozen or burned.

When enemy dice are Blinded, the value of dice placed into their equipment are randomized, meaning they may not play as optimally as usual.

As the Robot, blinded dice will also hide the CPU count for the turn, as well as shuffle and hide the values of the chooseable dice under Episode 3's You Choose, You Lose rules.

Parallel Universe

In the Parallel Universe episodes, Blind is changed to Blind?. This status prevents the user from seeing the amount of health they have left. The music will still change to Prepare to Dice at low health. This effect lasts for N turns, where N is the amount of Blind? inflicted.

Blind?ed enemies may sometimes defeat themselves due to self-damage from Shock? or other equipment they would otherwise avoid.

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