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List of Statuses

Statuses are effects that each fighter can inflict on either themselves or on the enemy. Some statuses give positive effects, while others give negative effects.

Many statuses only last for one turn, ending either when the turn ends or the turn starts. Other statuses, like Poison, last for a number of turns based on the amount of poison inflicted. Some statuses only end when equipment is used, like Fury.

All statuses cap out at 9999.

Statuses with an asterisk* have alternate versions in Parallel Universe episodes and when the Warlock rule is enabled.

Normal Statuses

Status Effect Parallel Universe Effect
Frozen* Turns the highest dice rolled into a 1. Reduce all dice values by 1.
Burn* Set the next dice on fire. Cost 2 hp to extinguish. Burning dice can be used on equipment, but will disable that equipment for the rest of this turn and the next turn.
Shocked* Temporarily disables random equipment. Use a dice to unshock. Temporarily disables random equipment, and costs 3 hp to unshock.
Weaken* Temporarily weakens random equipment, making it less powerful. Take extra damage from each attack (1 per point of Weaken inflicted).
Thorns* Enemy takes (thorns) damage if they attack this turn. Restore health equal to Thorns with each attack this turn.
Silence* Cannot use special character skills or limit breaks. Limit break is less powerful.
Dodge* Avoid the next attack. 50% chance to avoid the next attack, lasts until something triggers it.
Blind* Cannot see the dice values. Cannot see remaining health.
Poison* Lose health equal to Poison at the start of turn. Pierces shields. A random piece of equipment is poisoned. Reduce countdown to zero, or take damage equal to remaining countdown.
Fury* The next equipment will be used twice. The next equipment will be used twice, but cannot be used next turn.
Re-Equip Next* The next equipment used can be used again on this turn. The next dice used can be used again on this turn.
Reduce by* Take less damage from every attack this turn. Block the next status effect.
Locked* Cannot use dice. Locked dice need to be used in the order they are rolled before you can use any other dice.
Dice Trigger* Roll an extra dice next turn if the enemy rolls the value X. If an enemy rolls X, roll an extra X next turn.
Counter* All enemy dice that roll a certain value are locked. All enemy dice that roll X must be used first.
Cursed* All equipment has a 50% chance to fail. Disappears once triggered. All equipment has a 50% chance to switch target. Disappears once triggered.
Confuse* Equipment is mixed-up and obscured this turn. Cannot see any dice values.
Shield* Blocks incoming damage. Restore health equal to Shield at the start of your next turn. All shield disappears after healing.
Survive* Survive the next fatal blow. Cannot be killed by anything. Counter starts at 3 and reduces by 1 each turn. If it reaches zero, you die.
Vampire* Can only be killed with a wooden stake. Restore all health when defeated, once.
Lantern, Illuminate Stash some dice for next turn.
Extra Turn Take an extra turn.
Luck, Luck+ Items that depend on luck have a higher chance to succeed. (100% if Luck+)
Virus When you use equipment, increase CPU by 1.
Safe Bet The next roll won't exceed the CPU target.
Mana Grants bonus powers on certain cards. Disappears at the end of the fight.
Double Cast Place two copies of the next spell you cast.
Jinx Counter reduces by 1 at the start of the inflicted user's turn. Once it reaches zero, a jinx effect occurs that depends on the equipment that inflicted it.
Bear Transform Counter starts at 4 and reduces by 1 every turn. If it reaches zero, transform into a bear.
Extra Do 1 extra damage with each attack this turn.
Reflect If defeated, reflect any excessive damage back at the player.
Vanish Duplicate dice are immediately destroyed.
Keep Unused Dice Stash unused dice for next turn.
Recycle All equipment becomes reusable this turn.

Internal Statuses

Unused Statuses

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