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Snap! is the Limit Break for the Jester. Normally, when the Jester has two or more of the same card in their current hand, they are given the option to discard the cards so they don't have to use them to get new cards. However, when this Limit Break is used, it removes the Discard function and adds a button that makes it so matching cards are used for free instead of discarded.

Effect Matching cards can be used for free this turn

Whenever Snap! is used, it places the highest possible dice in all of the matching cards, causing them to be used. For countdowns, it'll place a dice equal to the countdown to activate it (if the countdown is above 6, the countdown is set to 6 before being lowered with a 6).


  • Snap! may originate from a card game where players would call “Snap!” when at least two cards have matching values in order to take cards from other players.


  • If you Snap! matching cards that require two dice that sum to a specific number, both slots will have 6s placed within. Since this doesn't fit the card requirements, you can drag the dice out of the card and use them elsewhere, essentially granting infinite dice.
  • If you Snap! countdowns that are already decreasing when they are about to reach 0, you can get free 1s if you time it right.
  • Prior to version 2.1, if you placed a dice less than 6 in one part of a card that requires Doubles that gets Snapped, the card wouldn't be used and the 6s could be removed to get infinite dice.

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