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Focus is the Limit Break for the Inventor. When used, all dice currently on the field (and not inside a piece of equipment) are changed to have a value of 6 instead of their original values.

Using this skill, it is possible to split dice into many parts before using the Limit Break to get a large amount of high-value dice, as well as negate the effects of freeze.

If you're dealing with equipment that requires a sum, like Lucky 7, which requires a sum of 7, it is possible to use Focus to help use the equipment. Just place a 1 inside one of the dice slots and use Focus, and all the other dice will become 6, allowing you to place a 6 inside to finally use the equipment.

The Inventor can also get Focus as a gadget.

Effect All dice become 6

Bestowed by

This gadget is also the Inventor's starting gadget during Episode 3, The Inevitability of Rust.

Halloween Special

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