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Broken Gadget

Broken Gadget is a “gadget” that does nothing whatsoever. It is used as a placeholder for when:

  • You win a fight as the Inventor with no equipment, and thus have nothing to scrap
  • Equipment that does not have any gadget assigned to it is offered for scrap
  • A gadget has lost all of its uses during The Inevitability of Rust

Per standard form, it is also given by gadgets with “(once)” in the description, which manually change themselves to Broken Gadget upon use.

It can also be assigned to equipment as an actual gadget, though in-game this is indistinguishable from the equipment having no assigned gadget. This is a bizarre choice that occurs in equipment the Inventor wouldn't usually have, such as Bear Hug, as well as in modded equipment (such as “Rubber Duck” from Halloween Special, or “Scrap Remote” from More Fluff).

Effect No effect

Bestowed by

Halloween Special

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