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Wolf Puppy (Bonus Round Rule)

The Wolf Puppy bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes. It has a chance to spawn on floors 2 and 3 for every character, but is more likely on floor 2.

Wolf Puppy Both you and your enemies start each fight with Fury.

When the rule activates, both fighters in each battle will start their first turn with 1 count of Fury, allowing them to repeat their first action. This can allow for faster kills if your dice are right, but it also makes the enemy's first move much more powerful as well.

If the Madison rule is active at the same time, enemies will start each fight with 2 counts of Fury, tripling their first action.

If the Warlock rule is active, you'll also need to be aware that your first used equipment will be disabled next turn due to the effects of Parallel Universe.

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