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Warlock (Bonus Round Rule)

The Warlock bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes. It has a chance to spawn on floors 2 and 3 for every character, but is more likely on floor 2. However, it will not be offered if any of these rules are active, since they also change status effects:

Additionally, it will not be offered if the enemy Drain Monster is in the dungeon.

Warlock Status effects are different.

This rule changes all of the status effects to have their Parallel Universe effects instead of their normal effects. This causes all of the changes usually associated with the Parallel Universe episodes, like enemies with Burn attacks causing equipment to be disabled, Dodge being unreliable for both player and enemy, Curse reversing target, and many more as seen in the main statuses page.

Additionally, equipment with alternate versions is also changed, such as Ice Shard becoming Ice Shard? and Hookshot becoming Hookshot?.

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