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Val (Bonus Round Rule)

The Val bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes. It has a chance to spawn on floor 2 for every character except the Witch and the Jester. However, it is considered game-definingly rare, so it has a very rare chance to be offered compared to other rules.

If this rule is offered, Drake cannot be the boss of the episode.

Val At the start of each turn, replace one of your items with a random item.

When this rule activates, the player will have one of their items (excluding items labeled as once per battle like Crystal Sword) be replaced with any random item of the same size from the game.

If the swapped equipment is upgraded, the equipment given is also upgraded.

The Val rule does not give any equipment that's labeled as Robot-only or Witch-only, like Lunasa or Ultima Weapon. It also avoids giving any equipment that is otherwise excluded from random lists.


  • If one of your items is replaced with an item that you already have, you'll lose that equipment. (For example, if you have a Sword and a Battle Axe and Val changes your Sword into your Battle Axe, you'll lose the Battle Axe.)
  • If the enemy is defeated by the Poison status effect, you can lose the equipment that's been replaced.
  • If the Marshmallow (Bonus Round Rule) is also active, equipment that changes into fire or ice equipment will stay that way permanently.
  • The Reversal gadget will give both the original item and the replacement item to the enemy.

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