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The Witch (Bonus Round Rule)

The Witch bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes, offered only if playing as the Witch. It is offered when entering either floors 2 or 3, and is considered a common rule for her.

The Witch One spell slot contains a completely random spell each turn.

When the rule activates, the fourth spell slot is changed to a random spell, similar to the rule change introduced in the episode Expect the Unexpected. The spells are listed below, and are identical to the spells offered by the equipment Lunasa.

The level 5 reward also changes as well. Usually, the Witch is given the choice between an extra dice, an upgraded slot, or a prepared slot. When the rule activates, the level 5 reward changes to a choice between an extra dice and the equipment Memorise.

Random Spells

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