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Sorceress (Bonus Round Rule)

The Sorceress bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes. It generally spawns around floor 4 or 5 for all characters and is pretty common at that level.

Sorceress Enemies can throw unused dice at you.

When the rule activates, enemies can throw any unused dice at you. Normal dice deal 1 health of damage, while Burning dice do 2 health of damage, equal to the amount of damage it usually costs to extinguish.

In some cases, like when the only equipment remaining is a countdown that can't be completed on their turn, the enemy can choose to throw dice instead of fill the countdown. This happens very often in the Cornelius fight.


  • Dice thrown by the enemy will not activate Thorns: they can throw dice at you without suffering any damage themselves.

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