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Sneezy (Bonus Round Rule)

The Sneezy bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes. It generally spawns around floor 4 or 5 as the Warrior, but it can very rarely show up on floor 2 for all other characters.

Sneezy Using any piece of equipment will reroll a random dice.

This rule changes what happens at the start of your turn: whenever you use any equipment, another random dice is rerolled to a different value. This includes repeated actions by Fury, but doesn't include actions that are Dodged by the enemy. Also, using the Witch's Spellbook doesn't reroll any dice.

If you have a lot of dice with low values, this rule can help roll them into higher values, although it generally makes damage output much less predictable if you like to prepare your dice rolls in advance.

The effect is identical to the Haunted effect, but permanent.

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