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Robobot (Bonus Round Rule)

The Robobot bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes. It can be offered on any floor but is more likely upon entering floors 2 or 3, although it is only offered to the Robot. The rule cannot appear at the same time as The Robot Bonus Round rule, since that rule does not use a CPU target.

Robobot If your CPU counter exceeds the target, take 5 damage.

When this rule activates, a penalty is applied that causes you to take 5 damage whenever your CPU counter exceeds the target when you Calculate dice as the Robot. This makes erroring out much more dangerous, although it can also charge the Limit Break making Autorolls more likely during the run as well.

The damage can be blocked using Shield and reduced using Reduce.


  • If the Keymaster Bonus Round rule is also active, you will take 5 damage after you've used your 6 moves even if you didn't exceed the CPU target.

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