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Rhino Beetle (Bonus Round Rule)

The Rhino Beetle bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes. It can be offered to any character when entering either floor 4 or 5, but is more common on floor 5 than floor 4. The rule cannot appear at the same time as the Slime Bonus Round rule, since both rules cause you to lose health at the start of each turn.

Rhino Beetle Take 2 damage at the start of each turn, unless your limit break is full.

When the rule activates, the Limit Break meter is checked to see how charged it is. If it's fully charged, the player won't take any damage. However, if it's not fully charged, you will take 2 damage. This happens even if your Limit Break is set to be fully charged with 1 hp of damage.

The damage done can be blocked with shields, but it can't be reduced by the Reduce effect since it happens after that status wears off.

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