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Mimic (Bonus Round Rule)

The Mimic bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes. It has a chance to spawn on floors 2 and 3 for every character, but is more likely on floor 2.

Mimic Everything in the dungeon looks like a treasure chest.

When the rule activates, everything in the dungeon (map) section of the game is changed to look like a treasure chest. This includes enemies, shops, anvils, apples, and chests. The only things that aren't changed are the player character and the exit.

This hides the encounters, and it makes it uncertain whether clicking on a tile will give you a shop, an actual chest item, an apple, or a fight (although you can usually note that your character will be facing something if you use a controller and move your character over a “chest”.)

You can usually tell if you're facing an enemy if you try to move your character past the chest by clicking past the chest.

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