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Marshmallow (Bonus Round Rule)

The Marshmallow bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes. It is generally more common when there are at least three fire-type or ice-type enemies present in the generated dungeon, or if the boss is Buster or Madison.

It will not spawn for the Witch or the Jester.

Marshmallow Swap all Fire equipment for Ice equipment, and vice versa.

When the rule activates, all fire equipment swaps with ice equipment in chest drops, shops, enemy equipment, and equipment currently in the player's backpack. Also, all ice equipment swaps with fire equipment.

The equipment that swaps with each other are as follows:


  • Entering and exiting a shop with one of these items can cause the item to switch from fire to ice and back. For example, Snowball will be in the shop, then after leaving and coming back, it becomes Fireball.

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