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Magician (Bonus Round Rule)

The Magician bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes. It has a chance to spawn on floor 3 and further for the Warrior, Thief, Inventor, and the Witch.

Magician At the start of your turn, change the dice requirements for a random item.

When the rule activates, a random piece of equipment (excluding most character skills, although the card the Thief steals is included) will have its dice requirements changed. This change can range from changing the dice required to use the item to making it a countdown or adding extra dice to the damage value.

Passive equipment is not changed.

Basic Slot Changes

These slot changes apply to most equipment that require just one dice to use (aside from doubles). If a Countdown replaces the equipment, the countdown's starting value is passed as the dice used in the equipment (a Bump set to a Countdown 5 will always return a 6).

If your equipment has a free dice added like the extra dice added to Broadsword, check the equipment with two slots section as the rules are different for those items.

None Even Odd Require dice Doubles Max dice Min dice
Even Odd Even Require another dice Countdown 4 Require dice Require dice
Odd None None Odd (if required dice is odd) Countdown 5 Reduce max by 1 Increase min by 1
Max 5 Max 4 Max 4 Even (if required dice is even) Countdown 6 Increase max by 1 Even
Min 2 Min 3 Min 3 Countdown equal to dice required Dice must sum to 4 Countdown equal to max value Countdown 4 (if Min 2)
Countdown 4 (rarer) Countdown 4 Countdown 4 Dice must sum to 5 Countdown 5 (if Min 3 or 4)
Countdown 5 (rarer) Dice must sum to 6 Countdown 6 (if Min 5)
Countdown 6 (rarer)

Multiple Dice Slot Changes

There are multiple cases for equipment that require multiple dice.

Two dice that must sum to a specific value

  • 25% chance to change it to two specific dice required to sum to a value. For example a Calculator which requires two dice to sum to 7 can require a 2 and a 5.
  • Otherwise, the cases are set in this table:
Sum 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
both Max 2 both Max 2 both Max 3 both Max 3 both Max 3 Max 3, Min 3 both Min 4 both Min 4 both Min 4 both Min 5 both Min 5
Sum to 3 Sum to 4 Sum to 5 Sum to 6 Sum to 7 Doubles Doubles Doubles Sum to 9 Sum to 10 Sum to 11
Doubles Doubles Sum to 6 Sum to 7 Sum to 8
Sum to 8
  • If the equipment doesn't require reading the actual dice placed within (like Saw Wave, but unlike Calculator), Magician can also change the equipment to use a Countdown equal to the original sum required.

General cases for equipment with two slots

Note that “two slot” equipment also includes equipment that add extra damage while having a visible dice appended to it, like Broadsword or Iron Shield+.

Any two dice None + free 1 None + free X (other than 1) Require two 1s Require two 2s Require two 6s Other Identical Slots
Sum to 7 None + free 2 None + free (X-1) Doubles Doubles Doubles Sum to 7
Two even dice None + free 3 None + free (X+1) (if X not 6) Sum to 3 Sum to 4 Sum to 11 Two even dice
Two odd dice Even + free 1 Even + free X Countdown 7 Countdown 8 Countdown 12 Two odd dice
One even and one odd dice Countdown 7 Countdown (6+X) Doubles
Countdown 7
Max 3 + free 1 Max 3 + free 2 Max 3 + free 3 Max 3 + free 4 Any other requirement with a free dice X added
Max 3 + free 2 Max 3 + free 1 Max 3 + free 2 Max 3 + free 3 Countdown of X + random(3, 4, 5)
Max 3 + free 3 Max 3 + free 3 Max 3 + free 4 Max 3 + free 5 Two dice must sum to X + random(2, 3, 4)
Countdown 7 Countdown 8 Countdown 9 Countdown 10 Substitute slots using “Substituting All Dice Slots” section

Substituting All Dice Slots

This case is used for cases above that don't fit any of the cases above, as well as any equipment that requires four dice. Each dice slot is changed to a new dice slot, different from the usual set in Basic Slot Changes.

Note that this table is for cases with multiple slots:

None Even Odd Require dice Free 1 Free X Free 6 Max X Min X Other
Even Odd Even Require another dice Free 2 Free (X-1) Free 4 Max (X-1) Min (X-1) if (X ≥ 3) Even
Odd None None Free 3 Free (X+1) Free 5 Max (X+1) Min (X+1) Odd
Max 5 Min 2 Max 5 Max 3 Max 3 if (X ≤ 3) Min 4 Require X Require X Max 4
Min 2 Require any even Require any odd Min 4 if (X ≥ 4) Odd if (X ≥ 4) Even Min 3

Countdown Slot Changes

Countdown slots change based on the initial value of the countdown; reducing a countdown to 1 will not change its slots to become simpler.

Low Countdowns (1-6)

1 2 3 4 5 6
None None None None Odd None
Even Even Even Even Require 5 Even
Odd Odd Odd Odd Max 5 Require 6
Require 1 Require 2 Require 3 Require 4
Max 2 Max 3 Max 4

High Countdowns (7-19)

Higher countdowns usually require two dice in order to activate, with the exception of Countdown 10 which can activate with just 1 6 sometimes.

7 8 9 10 11 12-15 16-17 18-19
Two even dice Two even dice Two odd dice Require 6 Two Min 4 Two Min 5 Min 5 and Require 6 Min 5 and Require 6
Max 4 and Max 3 Two Max 4 Two Min 3 Two even dice Doubles Doubles Doubles Require two 5s
Doubles Doubles Doubles Two Min 4 Two dice sum to 10 Two dice sum to 10 Two dice sum to 10 Doubles
Require 6 Two dice sum to 8 Two dice sum to 9 Doubles Two dice sum to 11
Two dice sum to 7 Two dice sum to 10

Highest Countdowns (20+), size 1

Once countdowns start going to 20 or higher, the dice requirements change depending on the size of the equipment.

For size 1 equipment, only two requirements are chosen:

Require two 5s
Require two 6s

Highest Countdowns (20+), size 2

Since more dice can fit into size 2 equipment, four dice start being required for larger equipment. While Nightmare can be used in one turn, it's going to be difficult to get the right dice.

20-40 41-80 81+
Two even and two odd dice Require a 1, 2, 3, and 4 Require four 6s
Require four 2s Require a 4, 3, 2, and 1 Four dice must sum to 22
Four dice must sum to 20 Four dice must sum to 21

Spare Dice Changes

A spare dice, like Spare 4, will change into another random spare dice.

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