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Lady Luck (Bonus Round Rule)

The Lady Luck bonus round rule is a special Bonus Round rule that only shows up if you play the episode on Hard Mode, which is unlocked after you complete the Bonus Round episode once. After starting the episode again, a third choice of starting gear is provided, labeled “Hard Mode”.

Once Hard Mode is selected, this rule is immediately added right before you enter the first floor of the dungeon.

When this rule is active, the Rat King rule will not be offered to the player.

Lady Luck All enemy equipment is upgraded.

When this rule is active, all enemy equipment will be upgraded for the entire dungeon, making the episode a difficult combination of the difficulty caused by upgraded equipment during the Elimination Round episodes, the added equipment from Parallel Universe, and the extra rules added by the Bonus Round.

Basically, you'll have to combine all you've learned to complete the episode with this rule active.

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