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Keymaster (Bonus Round Rule)

The Keymaster's bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes. It's more common for the Warrior early in the game, an early twist for the Robot, Inventor, or Witch, and very rare for the Thief or the Jester.

Keymaster You can't make more than six moves per turn.

The rule prevents the player from making more than six moves on their turn.

When the rule starts, during battle, a “Moves Left” counter appears at the bottom left of the screen to indicate the number of moves that the player can use.

Using a piece of equipment, including abilities like Combat Roll, counts as one move. Countdowns only count as a move once the countdown reaches 0.

Using a piece of equipment under the equipment of Fury counts as one move.

If multiple countdowns trigger at the same time as a result of Crowbar or Wrecking Ball, each equipment used counts as a use, meaning that one dice can trigger multiple uses.

Once six moves are made, all equipment on the field will Error out, making them unusable.


  • Prior to version 2.1, the stolen card would still be usable after the six moves were used up.

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