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Cowboy (Bonus Round Rule)

The Cowboy bonus round rule is one of the many rules that can be applied during the Bonus Round episodes. It can be offered on any floor for any character but is more likely upon entering floors 2 or 3. It will not be offered if Scathach is the dungeon boss, since it would make her deal 12 damage and 6 Shock each turn.

Cowboy Enemies always roll a 6.

When the rule activates, all enemies will roll a 6 as their first roll. This means that many enemies will be able to do high amounts of damage, like Fireman or Cowboy. However, this also means that Keymaster will only be able to unlock Lock 6, making it so he can only do 3 damage (or 4 if upgraded). Additionally, the Snowman is effectively down a dice.

The 6 rolled by the Cowboy rule will always be the first dice (top-rightmost of the enemy's dice), so if you inflict 1 lock, it will only hit the dice that rolled a 6.

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