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Strength Training

Strength Training
Strength Training (Version 1)
Requirements 1 Combination: Two 1s
Requirements 2 Combination: Five 1s
Requirements 3 Combination: Seven 1s
Effect Permanently gain a dice (destroyed when used)


Strength Training is a workout in Dicey Dungeons that grants an extra dice for the rest of the episode. Completing this workout also rolls a dice for the turn it's completed as well. Its appearance tends to be at the same time that the Warrior would normally get the extra dice in his normal episodes (Level 2, 4, and 6 rewards usually).

Each version of Strength Training requires more 1s than the last.

Drop Information

Warrior: Reunion:

  • Level 2 reward (Two 1s)
  • Level 4 reward (Five 1s)
  • Reward for the 10th non-level up fight (Seven 1s)

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