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Jester Technique

Jester Technique
Jester Technique
Requirements Combination: three 2s
Effect Learn “Call for Backup”: Call the Jester for help (destroyed when used)


Jester Technique is a workout in Dicey Dungeons introduced in version 2.1 which changes the Limit Break to Call for Backup, a unique Limit Break that calls the Jester for help. This allows the Jester to show up with a set of cards, the ability to discard cards (or Snap! them if the Limit Break is charged again), and fight for one turn.

Note that while this Limit Break is active, equipment is played as soon as the dice is inserted, rather than using the Play button as was used in this episode.

This effect, like other transformations in this episode, only lasts for one turn or until the battle ends.

Jester Deck

This deck is generated when the Limit Break is used. All equipment in this deck is fully shuffled.

Starting Deck

Equipment Routes

As usual for the Jester, there are four possible equipment routes that will be taken. The path is random, and gives five pieces of equipment.

Cards added based on Health

Some new equipment is added based on the amount of health you have when you use this Limit Break.

If you have full health, you get some equipment that can help charge a Snap! Limit Break as well:

If you have less than 50% health (including being at exactly half health), you get this equipment:

If you have less than 20% health (including being exactly at 20% of max health), you get this equipment in addition to the two above:

Cards added based on Dice

If you have at least 1 dice when you use the Limit Break, you get one of these Backup cards:

If you have 1 or 2 dice, two dice manipulators are shuffled in:

If you have 3 or more dice, you get this equipment instead:

If you have zero dice when you use this Limit Break, these two cards will be added to the start of the deck:

Additionally if you have zero dice, three dice-manipulating cards are shuffled in:

Finale Cards

One of these Finale cards is always added to the end of the deck.


  • Prior to version 2.1, this workout was in the game, but wasn't in the list of level 3 rewards.

Drop Information

Warrior: Reunion:

  • Has a 1/2 chance to be a Level 3 reward option

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