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List of Reunion Statuses

Statuses are effects that each fighter can inflict on either themselves or on the enemy. Some statuses give positive effects, while others give negative effects.

This list shows the statuses introduced in the Reunion that aren't in the main game. Check the main Statuses page for the other statuses.

All statuses cap out at 9999.

Status Effect
Haunted Using any piece of equipment will reroll a random dice.
Toxic When you use any equipment, inflict (Toxic) counts of Poison to yourself. (Does not reduce by 1 each time it triggers.)
Sting When you use any equipment, inflict 1 shock to yourself. (Reduces by 1 each time it triggers.)
CAW When you use any equipment, inflict 1 Weaken to yourself. (Reduces by 1 each time it triggers.)
Scorch Increase the burning dice cost by 1 for each count of Scorch.
Shackle You can only make five moves this turn.
Delay Increase the points needed to use equipment with countdowns.
Password Temporarily disables random equipment. Equipment can be re-enabled if you have the correct dice.
Stun Disable a random damage dealing card.
Rose Shield Every time you take damage, gain 1 Thorns.
Berserk All damage you inflict is doubled until the end of the turn.
Trust Fund At the start of the boss fight, receive (Trust Fund) coins.
Victory Point Collect all 4 Victory Points to unlock the workout Omnislash.
Crucihall Gain (Crucihall) burning dice at the start of each turn. Guest content by “not mario”.
Fade Duplicate dice are immediately destroyed. Disappears when triggered. Guest content by Titku & Diane of Wibi.
Love The next (Love) attacks do half damage (Rounded Down). Guest content by XAngelMoonX.
Stall of Mirrors Next fight, gain (Stall of Mirrors) extra dice. Guest content by Kirb.
Credits Status description will show the creator of equipment made by the game's modders.

Jester Passives

These passive effects need to be equipped for every battle but they last for the rest of the battle once found.

Status Description
Bag of Swords Add a Short Sword to your hand each turn.
Boots of Speed Add a Skipping Rope to your hand each turn.
Diamond Dust All damage to Frozen enemies is doubled.
Gauntlets Copy the first card you play each turn.
Golden Dice Your dice roll is always even.
Jasra's Pendant Gain 2 Mana each turn.
Sunlight Shield Gain 2 Shield each turn.
Turbo Charge When you inflict Shock, draw a card.

Unused Statuses

These statuses aren't used in-game, largely because they've been placed on enemies that don't show up in the Reunion DLC.

Status Effect
Costume Change At the start of your turn, swap an item with something from your backpack.
Garlic Disables Dark Mending on this turn.
Headache Change the slots on (status) items this turn.
Terrified In (status) turns, run away.

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