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Dicey Dungeons: Reunion Soundtrack

This page lists the songs found in the Dicey Dungeons: Reunion Original Soundtrack, composed by Chipzel. These songs play during the Reunion DLC.


The songs here are listed based on the track listing in the Bandcamp soundtrack.

Track Title Where it plays
1 Reunion Title Screen
2 Just Roll With It Fight track
3 Swing Me One More Six Fight track
4 It Is What It Is Fight track
5 The Gall And The Gumption Fight track
6 Not Today, Satan Boss theme (guaranteed for Witch: Reunion)
7 No Time To Dice Boss theme
8 We Were Rooting For You! Theme after completing an episode.
9 No Thoughts, Only Dice Background track for the Beach House map.
10 Let The Good Times Roll Background track for the Candlelit map.
11 How Far We've Come Background track for the Island map.

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