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Vacuum Potion

Vacuum Potion
Vacuum Potion
Requirements Countdown 5
Size 1
Effect Transform into Vacuum for one turn (once per battle)
Upgraded Effect Transform into Vacuum for one turn
Weakened Effect No effect


Vacuum Potion is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that transforms the user into the Vacuum. When upgraded, it can be used every turn. It is disabled if weakened.

This equipment is not affected by Fury or Re-Equip, so it carries over into the transformation.

Using this turns the user into the Vacuum with their Reunion equipment, but the user will turn back after the turn or the fight ends.

The Vacuum has this equipment:

This equipment cannot be stolen by the Thief, so it is not possible to get a Limit Break for this weapon. However, if it is added to your inventory manually, your Limit Break will become Magic Dice, which rolls an extra dice.

Drop Information

Does not generate naturally and cannot be stolen.

The Alchemist has a 1/3 chance to have this potion in her equipment. It will not appear if Wolf Puppy Potion is in the loadout, though.

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