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Trust Fund

Trust Fund
Trust Fund
Requirements Matching Coins
Upgraded Requirements None
Size 1
Effect At the start of the boss fight, gain 1 coin
Weakened Effect No effect


Trust Fund is a coin-operated piece of equipment that stores a coin to be flipped on the first turn of the boss fight.

The number of coins stored is listed in the unique Trust Fund status, which lasts for the rest of the episode.

This equipment does not need to be brought to the boss fight in order for the coins to be gained.

Drop Information

Robot: Reunion:

  • Has a chance to appear in the trading post on floor 4
  • Has a chance to appear in the shop on floor 5
  • A Nest Egg may spawn instead of this item, in which case hatching the egg is required to spawn Trust Fund. If not hatched before the boss fight, it gives Insider Trading.

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