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Rocket Launch

Rocket Launch
Rocket Launch (6)
Requirements Require 6
Size 2
Effect When launched, deal 20 damage and reset
Upgraded Effect When launched, deal 24 damage and reset
Weakened Effect When launched, deal 10 damage and reset


Rocket Launch is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that charges up a very powerful attack.

When used, it will update to require a dice 1 less than its previous requirement. Rocket Launch will require a 5, then a 4, then a 3, then a 2, then a 1.

Once used when it requires a 1, it will become Lift Off!.

Drop Information

Thief: Reunion:

  • If the Space Marine wasn't in the dungeon, this equipment has a chance to appear in the shop on floor 2.

Once Lift Off! is used, it transforms back into Rocket Launch requiring a 6.

The Space Marine has this equipment during the Reunion DLC.

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