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Kitchen Tongs

Kitchen Tongs
Kitchen Tongs
Requirements None
Weakened Requirements Min 4
Size 1
Effect Flip a dice on its side
Upgraded Effect Flip a dice on its side (3 uses per turn)
Gadget Random Roll


Kitchen Tongs is a piece of equipment in the Halloween Special that flips a dice on its side. It can become any value except for itself and its flipped (upside-down) value.

This is essentially a reroll of the dice that will never reroll itself or 7 minus its value.

This equipment was likely intended to appear in the Inventor: Reunion episode, but it wasn't implemented, possibly because its upgrade allows for its reuse, which wouldn't work in an episode where equipments have their uses counted on the top right.

Drop Information

Does not generate naturally.

See the Halloween Special page on Kitchen Tongs for its appearances in the Halloween Special.

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