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Jasra's Pendant

Jasra's Pendant
Jasra's Pendant
Requirements Countdown 7
Size 2
Effect Equip Jasra's Pendant (once per battle)
Upgraded Effect Equip Jasra's Pendant (starts in your hand) (once per battle)
Weakened Effect No effect (once per battle)
Equipment? Gain 2 mana each turn


Jasra's Pendant is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons. Once used, Jasra's Pendant is equipped for the rest of the battle, which is a status which grants 2 Mana each turn.

Equipping the pendant also grants 2 Mana immediately.

The effect stacks: if you use this equipment twice you gain 4 mana each turn.

The equipment is a reference to the 2014 iOS and Steam game Dream Quest (by Peter Whalen). The Jarring Jolts in the game were originally Jasra's in Dream Quest, while the effects are identical to a card in that game called the Pendant.

Drop Information

Jester: Reunion:

  • Has a 1/2 chance to appear in the shop on floor 2

Getting this item on floor 2 allows equipment like Chilli Pepper, Slime Cannon, or Frozen Yoghurt to appear in shops on floor 3 as long as one of them wasn't obtained earlier.

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