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Golden Dice

Golden Dice
Golden Dice
Requirements Countdown 7
Size 2
Effect Equip Golden Dice (once per battle)
Upgraded Effect Equip Golden Dice (starts in your hand) (once per battle)
Weakened Effect No Effect (once per battle)
Equipment? Your dice rolls are always even


Golden Dice is a piece of equipment in Dicey Dungeons that grants the unique Golden Dice status. Once used, all dice rolls become even for the rest of the fight.

This lasts for the rest of the fight, but you can still get 1s on your first roll if your dice is Frozen.

While you can have multiple copies of this equipment, the effect of this card does not stack in any way.

Drop Information

Jester: Reunion:

  • Has a chance to appear in shops on floor 2 for 2 or 3 gold.

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